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Instructions For Job Seekers


Define Your Goals

Before you update your resume and start applying to open opportunities, you’ll need to understand what you’re looking for first. Are you hoping for more responsibility or a shorter commute? Are you dying to work for a company that allows dogs in the office? Taking time to identify your goals (big and small) will help you to home in on the types of jobs you are targeting at ATBOD

Keep Your Resume Updated

When a prospective employer looks at your resume, he should instantly understand what type of position you’re looking for and how your experience lines up with his needs. He should also be able to easily pick out your greatest accomplishments.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

For a lot of recruiters these days, if you aren’t on LinkedIn you don’t exist. Developing a stellar profile and a strong presence will build your professional credibility and help you to get noticed. Once you get your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and packed with relevant keywords, you’ll likely be surprised at how much more attention your profile will get.

Prepare Your References

You don't need to include a list of references on your resume or cover letter, but you should have a list of strong, professional options ready to go. Keep in mind that most companies have fairly strict policies around references and will typically only confirm your job title, dates of employment, and salary information to a prospective employer, so you’ll want to secure others who would be comfortable speaking from personal experience and not on behalf of the company.


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