Integration & Support Services

Integrate your organisation’s existing systems into one centralized, accessible platform.

There are a lot of organizations that are facing challenges in executing their business operations with their existing organizational infrastructure. They are not actually aware of what are the causes of these infrastructural failures.

Our team of experts will help you in identifying these sources of error and sort these issues by the integration of Salesforce into your existing infrastructure.

Integration & Support Services

With Salesforce integration consulting the USA you can cut waste and drive efficiency and reduce costs dramatically

Integration & Support Services

CRM consulting

Microsoft Consulting Services is composed of digital advisors and consultants. Their job is to help enterprises implement and adopt Microsoft products, services, software and devices to solve, envision and understand new possibilities for your business.


If you plan to implement Salesforce or improve your existing solution, ScienceSoft provides comprehensive consulting, which includes:

Defining business

Defining business objectives Salesforce is to support. Whether you need to enable reports with increased visibility, reduce long sales cycles or case resolution time, introduce efficient email marketing campaigns or automate your sales and customer service-related processes, Salesforce consulting helps to address your challenges timely and efficiently.

Mapping business

Mapping business objectives into Salesforce features takes place after your business goals are clear. Now it’s time to choose Salesforce functionality (either default or custom) to achieve them.

Suitable Salesforce

Recommending the most suitable Salesforce edition. Choosing the right edition means that you get your business challenges addressed without paying for unneeded features. We analyze your requirements and suggest an edition, which will be a perfect match for your business.

Salesforce Sales

Designing sales, customer service and marketing processes in Salesforce Sales, Service and Marketing Clouds. For instance, we automate sales and customer service workflows, create personalized customer journeys, targeted advertising campaigns and do a lot more to help our customers reach their business goals with Salesforce.

Adoption strategy

Building a user adoption strategy. To help your users to master the new system, we create a user adoption strategy, which comprises iterative user training, timely user support by the Salesforce admin, release notes, and rewards for advanced Salesforce users.


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