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The world around us run on energy and utilities, and their future is digital. Therefore, we empower our clients from this industry to transform and reinvent their business to face the challenges and demands of employees, investors, and citizens. We are witnessing a massive revolution in the energy landscape; now, it is shifting towards a more ecosystem-centric model suitable for our climate. Businesses need to invest in sustainable energy sources and be a part of this revolution to remain competitive. Many leading energy and utility firms are moving towards an ecosystem-centric approach by utilizing advanced technologies. ATBOD enable gas, water, electricity and waste companies to revamp their business by offering unique IT solutions, helping them achieve sustainability in this industry.

Energy and Utilities Solutions

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Energy Transitions for Utilities

In order to decarbonize the energy system to meet highly ambitious commitment with citizens, energy providers have been employing new capabilities, partners and business models for a while now, and many utilities have already greened their entire portfolio. Still, there is a scope for enhancement to incorporate decarbonized sources of power. Therefore, we provide roadmaps for utilities to adopt decarbonized, digitized, decentralized power models with people's best interest at heart.

Intelligent Refinery

Incorporating digital technologies in the refinery process can prevent plant losses by a great percentage, and it makes the whole progression more efficient and safer. We offer digital worker facilitation solutions that are predictable and offers real-time production and asset analytics. In this way, the refiners can identify the root causes of lost production in a better way and promote a safe working environment.


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