Risk Management

Risk Management

Risks aren't unknown to any business regardless of their industry or market; from economic crisis to competitor threat, risk can be of any size, impacts and nature. Organizations generating at any scale need to manage such risks properly.

However, uncertainty is considered one of the major risks for organizations. They invest in skilled and professional risk managers and consultant services to foresee risks and devise an action plan to minimize its negative impact on their business. This process is known as Risk Management, where we help you identify, assess and control potential risks to minimize their negative consequences on your organization

Risk= Threat x Vulnerability x Consequence


In IT, threat, vulnerabilities and consequences stem from unprotected data. By leveraging technology, we define certain procedures and policies that organizations can adopt to prevent the risks from occurring and manage them effectively if they occur.

Risk Management Services We Offer

1. Support and Consulting


ATBOD helps organizations implement effective and efficient risk management. We believe that the benefits of risk management are directly related to:

  • The quality of the risk information
  • The robustness of the risk management processes
  • The level of trust and confidence in the process
  • Willingness of people to collaborate in identifying, characterizing and manage risks

Weaknesses in any of these components means that risk management will not deliver the results expected or required.

ATBOD can help you set up the processes, tools and systems and culture you need in place to identify, analyze and help objectively manage and mitigate risks. The results are risk processes and information that you can rely on. And, we can help to ensure your project has the highest probability of success. Our risk management consulting services include:

  • Assess Risk Management Maturity (RMMA®)
  • Advise project and organization leadership on risk management
  • Design and setup risk management work-flow and procedures
  • Create risk plans
  • Train stakeholders, project managers, teams, risk managers, and your customers and subcontractors in all aspects of risk management
  • Identify and Capture risks in risk register through risk workshops, one-on-one discussions, and modeling
  • Assist with developing mitigation strategies and selecting preferred option(s) through cost-benefit analysis
  • Perform Monte Carlo analysis of cost and schedule risk
  • Manage risk reviews
  • Implement risk management tools
  • Train your teams in risk management tools
  • Develop customized risk analysis to support investment decision making, customer reporting, public presentations, etc.
  • Performing Risk Management Checkups

When we work with our clients we use a rigorous engagement management process. This helps you and us ensure that you are getting the results agreed to. And, it allows you and us to manage scope, schedule, and costs to your benefit.

2. Checkup Services


Some ATBOD clients need targeted support in risk management. Our clients may want to know how well specific aspects of their risk management practices and processes are working. Or they may want assurance that the building blocks of risk management are in place and sufficiently robust to give meaningful information, level of quality of risk inputs, i.e.schedule, risk register and risk descriptions.

They want help from someone who has “been there and done it” to teach, improve, or even execute specific risk management practices or processes. Or, our clients know that they want to improve in specific aspects of managing risk, e.g. preparing for and conducting Monte Carlo analysis or helping to conduct risk identification workshops. If this is you, then we can provide consultants experienced in all aspects of risk management.

For clients who are interested in reviewing and ensuring that their risk management practices and processes are met by an independent assessor, ATBOD can work with you as an independent organization to audit your processes and project data. Our checkup services include:

  • Inspecting and recommending how to improve the quality of the project schedule or risk register
  • Evaluating, setting up and running schedule risk analysis
  • Reviewing specific risk processes and procedures and work products, like risk plans, risk breakdown structure and reporting frameworks
  • Validating your risk reports and mitigation plans

We provide our clients with an unbiased assessment of your risk management processes, project data and project risk.

3. Maturity Assessment


If you’re not sure what to do first to improve risk management, ATBOD offers the Risk Management Maturity Assessment® (RMMA). During this assessment, we review six critical areas of your risk environment. We evaluate how well your organization is doing in each of these key areas. The aim is to assess current maturity and identify the gap(s) between the “as is” and the “best practice”. With this information, we then work together with you to determine how to improve your organization’s (or project’s) risk management maturity.

Our clients have seen the following benefits as an output of a ATBOD RMMA. We have subsequently worked with them to successfully bridge the gap to best practice. These benefits included:

  • Sets expectations across the organization about the importance and priority of doing and integrating risk management in to business decision making and managing projects
  • Tightens linkage of projects’ outcomes to business objectives
  • Fosters communication and trust between all stakeholders, the customer
  • Able to better manage “bad” news or surprises
  • Keeps the project “out of the weeds” and focused on critical outcomes
  • Engages sponsor, management, suppliers, PM and team in a more open and honest dialog about the challenges faced in meeting agree objectives
  • Clarity and understanding what risk is about
  • Sets stage for cost and schedule contingency calculation
  • Focuses leadership and team on most important risks
  • Sets the stage for changing the organization/project culture

Risk Management Training and Workshops

Use the ATBOD team’s experience in risk management and facilitation skills to run risk workshops for your project teams to learn risk management basics, identify risks, or improve the elements of the risk management processes and practices. These workshops focus on your organization and can be customized to reflect the unique project scenarios and challenges that you face. Typical topic areas that we have delivered for other organizations include:


Schedule Improvement and Validation

  • Auditing the baseline schedule
  • Validating the baseline schedule and matching it to the scope of work
  • Determining issues related to schedule logic
  • Enhancing schedule maturity

Risk Analysis Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessment

  • Establishing risk ranges for a Monte Carlo analysis (minimum, most likely, and maximum)
  • Compiling a project risk register or risk log
  • Integrating external risks into the project schedule for analysis
  • Determining risk mitigation scenarios

Risk Plan and Reports

  • Confidence level histograms
  • Risk tornado charts
  • Risk register
  • Assumptions
  • Mitigation recommendations
  • Benefit analysis of mitigation with project curves
  • Full summary write up of the results

Risk Tools

  • Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis
  • Acumen Risk
  • Full Monte


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