A newsroom can be defined as: "an office at a television or radio station or a newspaper where news is gathered and reports are prepared for broadcasting or publishing." The newsroom is where the stories are gathered, written, put together, edited and assembled for the news broadcast, telecast or newspaper.

A counterintuitive strategy may help you get more investors for your business Business Investors

Though in the professional world, containing or even repressing emotions is usually encouraged, wearing your feelings on your sleeve as an entrepreneur may pay off big time.

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How to Start a Consulting Business: 3 Steps to Getting Your First Client Business Trend Consultancy

The best way to get clients is through referrals. You’ve probably heard that advice before, but it’s not overly useful if you’re just starting out. So, what can you do? Explore the adjacent possible. I’ll unpack that term since applying this principle will be beneficial for landing first client, & growing business over the long-term.

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05 MAY
Military Solution Can’t End Insecurity, Says Ex-NHIS Boss Business Solution

According to him, the second R is reparations, stating that many people have lost their lives and property and need to be compensated.He stated that the third R represents the need for rehabilitation, adding that various farmers have lost their farmlands and sources of livelihoods.

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